About Us

Holoholo began as an intention to bring a fun anecdote - about Hawaiian shirts being considered appropriate office attire - to the UK. The little things that had filled up sketchbooks suddenly became prints, and a desire to create clothing rather than just drawing it turned into a reality.

The name Holoholo means "to walk or travel freely, for pleasure", which seemed to be a fitting concept for the pieces we make; intended to be worn for work or play, dressed up or down - just as you like. 

The idea was, and continues to be, to take what is great about British classics, throw in some hand-drawn prints inspired by a childhood in rural England, and create pieces that compliment a creative lifestyle in the amazing British landscape and beyond.

O U R  E T H I C S


Here at Holoholo we believe in working as sustainably as possible. In order to have a positive impact on the environment, much research has gone into the selection and sourcing of materials for Holoholo goods.‚Äč

Sustainable fabrics are used to create each piece, including Fair Trade and Organic Cotton. GOTS certified and sourced by our fabric supplier from a family-run cotton farm in India, these textiles are cultivated without using harmful pesticides and encourage biodiversity, whilst allowing farmers to simultaneously grow food and keep animals - leading to a more prosperous livelihood.

Another fabric used is Bamboo, chosen due to the lack of pesticides needed in the production process, its exceptionally high yield per square hectare and the small amount of water (relative to cotton) used during growth.

All pieces are produced in-house in the UK by a very small team, and as such must meet the highest standards of quality and durability - so that every customer receives a garment that is built to last. Who needs fast fashion?

Finally, all efforts are made to use appropriate packaging that protects the order and ensures its safe delivery, whilst causing no unnecessary waste products. All materials used in packaging are recyclable.