Holoholo pieces are currently stocked in three sizes, XS, S and M. They range between sizes in order to give you the option of a more fitted or relaxed fit depending on how you would like to wear our garments.​

Generally speaking, a UK size 6-8 would wear an XS, an 8-10 would wear a S and a 10-12 would wear a M, though these sizes are just a guide. Under the description of every piece you will find the approximate chest measurement of each size, which you should take into account when ordering your Holoholo piece. 

Additionally, sizes are not printed onto our garments - - we don’t think it’s important to be reminded which arbitrary letter or number you have chosen each time you wear your dress or tee, so pieces are delivered with a coloured sticker on to denote each size for your (and our) reference in case you order more than one size. XS is red, S is yellow and M is green. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any further sizing information specific to the piece you are interested in.